• Program dates run from February 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010. The event must be held within this timeframe in order to receive the benefits.

• Tournaments must be listed as "qualified" on the www.stratosboats.com website prior to the event. These events may be added or deleted by Stratos Boats at any time.

• Boat package must have been purchased prior to the tournament.

• Owner of the boat must have competed out of the qualifying Stratos boat and must be the same name on warranty or state registration at time of tournament win.

Eligible Stratos Models:
2008 Model Year or newer Stratos boat. Owner does not have to be original purchaser to qualify.

• Angler does not have to sign up or apply prior to the event in order to win.

*Anglers may receive benefits more than once annually.
- First and Second win: Stratos payment is equal to the winning purse (up to $10,000) therefore "doubling" the tournament winnings.
- Additional wins: Stratos payment is equal to 50% of the winning purse (up to $10,000).

• If tournament winnings are valued at more than $10,000... Angler will receive a contingency check from Stratos for $10,000.

• A tournament win will be defined as "First Place".

• Employees of Stratos Boats are not eligible for this program or its benefits.

• Only one contingency payment will be paid to the owner of the boat that qualified for the contingency (per event).

• Angler is responsible for applicable taxes on winnings.

• Stratos Boats reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate the "2X Double Your Winnings" program at its sole discretion at any time. Final payment is determined only by Stratos Boats.

• Winning team is responsible for submitting Affidavit of Tournament Win within 30 days of tournament win. Affidavit is available to download HERE.

HAVE A QUESTION about the Stratos 2X Double Your Winnings Contingency Program? Please CLICK HERE to e-mail your question to Stratos Boats Information.

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