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Purchased a Stratos boat!
trey N. NC
I first rode in a Stratos at 8 years old when my dad bought one brand new in 1998 and I loved the boat. I told him when I grew up I would own one and at 24 years old I just bought my 3rd Stratos - a 2010 201 Evolution and I love it. First it was a 2006 285 Pro XL. Loved it just not enough room. Then I bought a 2006 294 Pro XL. Great boat as well... it would fly. All around they are the best boat in my mind. The storage lay out is awesome. The boats all handle water well and the 201 is a dream in rough water. I will always own one for as long as my wife will let me LOL. Only thing let that I need for the boat is a Stratos cover to keep it dry on out of town trips. Thanks Stratos
Purchased a Stratos boat!
Richie S. MS
I bought a new Stratos 201 XL Evolution in April after having back surgery in February. To my surprise, not only is my Stratos a great bass fishing machine, it has awesome performance and the smoothest ride in rough water I have ever experienced. After back surgery the smooth ride is ultra important. Thanks to Stratos for surprising me with the promotional gift certificate and boat cover also.
Purchased a Stratos boat!
Wayne C. IL
I have just ordered a 2014 Stratos 176 VLO. Was looking at aluminum boat from another brand, but after looking at reviews and info the Stratos beat it hands down. The options are fantastic and the boat looks great and it's fiberglass for about the same price of an aluminum. Can't wait to get it and put it on the water.
Purchased a Stratos boat!
Clayton H. MS
Me and my dad recently went in halves and bought a mint condition 1998 201 Pro XL. love the boat! It looks like a 2014 model. Beautiful, handles rough water like a champ.
What's your favorite on-water memory with your Stratos?
John N. CA
While fishing the California Delta with my son, we often fish from the same side, almost standing on the rail, one in the front, one rear. I have never fished from a more stable platform than my 2006 285PRO XL. This is still one fine boat.
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