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What's your favorite on-water memory with your Stratos?
John N. CA
While fishing the California Delta with my son, we often fish from the same side, almost standing on the rail, one in the front, one rear. I have never fished from a more stable platform than my 2006 285PRO XL. This is still one fine boat.
What's your favorite on-water memory with your Stratos?
Bill J. NY
I bought my 295PD back in 1993 still looks amazing and handles the rough water better than most guys rides in my club. Most memorable time was running from Clayton NY to Oswego NY across lake Ontario... High and Dry. I will always own a Stratos
What's your favorite on-water memory with your Stratos?
Albert W. FL
Catching a 7 lb. 8 oz. largemouth bass on Greenwood Lake in the New York section, Eastern fork. I was so excited I released it without taking a picture. Great boat.
Stratos' strongest assets...
Mark M. NC
Bought my 201XL way back in 1993 still looks great,handles rough water beautiful lots of storage, Stratos is number one with me.
What made you choose Stratos over another brand?
Robert S. AL
Purchased a 1996 Stratos 288 from a friend. It is still a great boat and will last me a long time. I have no complaints with the Evinrude 175 came with the boat, it does every thing that I need and more. If I get another boat it will be a Stratos.
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