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What made you choose Stratos over another brand?
Matt H. NC
The features of the 2013 189 VLO are what I was looking for. I couldn't decide on single or dual console - with the flip-up windshield it solved my problem. This boat is smooth and preforms well. It is the best bass boat I have ever fished out of. If I got one or two other guys with me fishing, I don't even notice them in the boat it is rock sold and handles rough water very well. River fishing is my favorite because this boat handles the curves so well and as smooth as they get. 150 Yamaha HDI, no jack plate, hole shots are excellent and top speed so far is 59.8 with full gear and one person of 275 lbs. I have a few friends that own other brands and they can't believe how smooth the ride is and how it just goes around bends without a hitch.
What made you choose Stratos over another brand?
Bob B. IL
Purchased 285XL with Optimax 150. Great ride, plenty of room and planes out nice at 60 mph GPS. Only disadvantage is I now want a 294XL. Damn you Stratos!
Switched to Stratos after owning an aluminum boat!
Wasena M. VA
I purchased my 2013 Stratos 189 VLO last April. I have fished out of many boats, but I have to say I'm so glad of my purchase and the ride is so smooth in rough water. Oh and the storage is awesome. Great speed and very stable.
What made you choose Stratos over another brand?
Pat T. TN
When my family and I moved to Tennessee, my wife told me that we could not live on the lake without a boat for me to go fishing. So there I went! I rode in every boat I could get a ride in... you name it, I rode in it. My best friend, "Charlie Bill", has a Stratos 285 Pro XL and this boat was the smoothest ride out of all of them. I am very proud to say that I now have my own 285 Pro Elite in the garage! Nothing beats a Stratos ride!
Jimmy B. TX
I've owned a 1995 Stratos 201 Pro XL for for over 15 years. I have fished a lot of tournaments since I've owned the boat. I still get compliments on the boat. But what I like the most is the performance of the boat. I fish some big waterways, so I've got to have a boat that performs in such conditions. I've never had a problem or any performance issues. It's always gotten me back home safely and the fishability is incredible...
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